Origin Story

FLUSTER was created by Devon and Walker based on a crazy experience Devon had several years ago. We’ll let Devon tell the story:

One night, during a trip to Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia, I wound up in a gorgeous natural hot springs with a couple of close friends and some other people we'd met earlier that day.

One man in the group was a travel junkie, the kind of person who wants to travel to every country by the age of something or other - you know the kind of person I'm talking about - and he had already made a good dent in his goal. He told us about a handful of questions he had been asking at dinner tables and in living rooms all around the world, and asked if we were up to hear the questions. We agreed, and he began to ask these deep, tough, thought-provoking questions. We went around the group answering them and musing on what was coming up. I realized I was feeling and witnessing something unique. The group was bonding like I'd never seen happen before during a normal conversation (or even a great one) across such a diverse group of friends and strangers. The next day we continued hanging out together, and an old friend exclaimed that he was "so flustered!" when he was asked a tough question about the relationship he was in.

In the days and weeks after this experience I couldn't shake the feeling of how much fun that experience was, how much I learned and bonded with this group of people, and how I was STILL chewing on some of my own answers to those questions. I wondered how I could create something that would consistently spark that kind of experience, where friends can be made out of strangers, and things can be revealed about your friends - and yourself - that never would have come up during "conversational autopilot."  If those five questions could turn a chance encounter into such a memorable experience, what would 100 questions do?

I told Walker about the idea over a beer, and that night we began developing the initial concept for FLUSTER. Since then, we’ve spent several years building and improving FLUSTER, starting with one deck, then 10, then 100. 

The next step on the FLUSTER journey is broadening the community. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, FLUSTER is now available for your 2018 adventures! We hope you'll join in.

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Devon de Balasi Brown & Walker Banerd

Devon and Walker have been best buds since the age of five. They've always loved creating stuff together, like music, movies, and elaborate secret handshakes. They've been pouring their creative energies into FLUSTER for several years now, and could not be more excited to share it with the world.