FLUSTER is the game that makes friends out of strangers and reveals things you never knew about your closest friends!

We spend a lot of time talking, but it’s rare that we actually go deep, learn new things about each other, and strengthen our connections with our friends. FLUSTER uses a deck of unusual questions to inspire thought-provoking conversations, hilarious stories, and unforgettable moments.

You’ll be surprised by new stories from your oldest friends, and you’ll feel instantly connected to people you just met. Sometimes people will start discussing a question, and then two hours later remember that they were playing a game at all. That's what happens when you turn off conversational autopilot and really start talking.

FLUSTER is perfect for parties, road trips, campfires, first dates, team-building activities, or just leaving on your coffee table to spark spontaneous conversations.


  • 100 Question Cards: The questions are divided into three levels of intensity (indicated by !, !!, or !!!), ranging from icebreakers to deep dives, to some that might even fluster you a bit.

  • 10 Reaction Cards: So you can show how strongly an answer resonated with you and incentivize people to give juicy answers.

  • 10 FLUSTER Cards: These can be used to turn a question back on the person who asked it, so watch out!

  • A How to FLUSTER Booklet: There are at least five ways to play FLUSTER, and lots of people like to come up with their own, or just skip the rules altogether!